It's not pushing a SalesForce but driving your MarketingTrack

Developing your MarketingTRACK® System

to plan, run and analyse within an Agile Marketing & Sales Process

MarketingTrack® — The Foundation for Agile Marketing

It's the better Marketing that wins.

But it's always the numbers that

drive your Sales Success.

A strategy based on more data the better is undoubtedly the best way to mine for the truth in uncertain conditions. But it is distracting when it comes to the sales oriented creative Marketing Playfield.

It's creative power that drives advertising success. Based on a known set of KPIs that set the boundaries for developing the best strategies and campaigns to acquire and service the customer at the most efficient level.

Finding the right

less is more approach

in times of big data overkilL

Developing your

MarketingTRACK® by leveraging

Sales Results to thrive for

the Agile Marketing Process.

Based on 25 years of Direct Marketing Success for leading Brands and Marketers we can leverage Sales with a less-is-more Approach by working out the Core KPIs that really drive your business.

By planning and designing your Marketing Process we develop your individual MarketingTrack® System so that it becomes your Foundation for Marketing Success, driven by a better strategy and creative approach. Leveraging creative testing built on real market response instead of crunching endless numbers, that will not lead to marketable and growing segments.

4 key points we have learned to drive better Sales

The best Marketing is wasted if you are missing the numbers. You can only improve what you measure. Leveraging Marketing Investments by focusing on a Toolset with your individual KPIs that support a Core Strategy is crucial.

Marketing Automation with focus on timely service and individual Content is the real driver in almost every marketing situation. Concentrating on this with ongoing analysis will allow you to improve beyond your expectations.

Measuring against the best Market Data is way more efficient than continually digging deeper into your Big Data searching for new opportunities that are hardly relevant. It's Relevant Data vs Big Data that counts.

Testing Creative Approach at every level beats almost everything if focused on the right individual KPI Foundation: Investing in Creative Development by empowering the best Creative Minds leads to better ROI.

Leveraging relevance vs crunching numbers

You can run your campaigns based on a big All-In-One Solution but it's likely more sensible to build a strategic tool environment by leveraging proven standard measurements tools enhanced by special solutions.

Thriving for a less-is-more Approach saves on resources and prevents misleading energies. Developing the best visual Reports and Dashboards is not a matter of data quantity but of pure relevance – and inspiring design.

Free your mind with inspiring KPI-design

Designing your MarketingTRACK® Dashboard requires the right Toolset that allows to focus on what is important: Thriving for the better Creative that sells at the Best Level.

It requires the perfect playground to smooth on process and leverage on time and effort. Using a smart Toolset delivering relevant KPI is the ground for less-is-more in Agile Marketing.

MarketingTRACK® delivers

the Foundation for Agile Marketing.

To focus on Relevance and

improve on Efficiency.

Your MarketingTRACK® solution includes:

    • Defining your relevant KPI's
    • Defining and supplying the Market Data to measure up
    • Driving Advertising Programmatic
    • Tracking and analyzing results
    • Finally: delivering a system you can run on your own

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